Menstrual Hygiene

Even though menstruation is natural, even essential for a woman’s health and wellbeing, the social stigma surrounding it sometimes hamper proper information regarding the maintenance of hygiene during those days of the month. I will just elucidate a few tips to maintain intimate hygiene during your period to reduce the chances of infections.

  1. Take a bath regularly, preferably twice a day when your flow is heavy to ensure adequate cleaning of your intimate areas.
  2. Avoid using harsh chemicals and scented soaps as they upset the delicate pH balance of the vagina. Opt for intimate washes or just use warm water and your hands to clean your intimate areas. Always clean from front to back to prevent bacteria from your rectum to travel to your vagina.
  3. Choice of method of sanitation- there are numerous options available in the market for use during menstruation- from sanitary napkins to menstrual cups to tampons. Choose your method based on ease of use, availability and budget.
  4. Change sanitary napkins and tampons every 6 hours even if they are not fully soaked to prevent the occurrence of infections and toxic shock syndrome due to bacterial overload. Also, change soaked napkins more often to prevent pad rash and chaffing of skin on the panty line due to contact with a soiled pad.
  5. Wear loose, cotton panties for the duration of your period to allow adequate aeration and drying of your intimate regions to prevent bacterial overgrowth.
  6. Always carry spare sanitary napkins/tampons in your handbag to enable easy change whenever needed.


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