Feminine hygiene

As the scorching heat makes an appearance and summer vacations come calling, it is time for all of us to travel and see the world in an attempt to utilize our time as we escape the summer time in India.

However, travel comes with its own fair share of problems especially for women—lack of clean restrooms, long duration of travel forcing us to hold our bladder emptying till a more opportune moment and paucity of clean drinking water leading to increased risk of urinary infections.

So I am writing this blog post to suggest a few simple tricks about Feminine hygiene to be kept in mind when travelling to reduce chances of urinary and vaginal infections.


Personal travel hygiene tips


  1. Wash your hands as often as possible. During travel, we touch a lot of public facilities such as restrooms, ATM machines, doors etc. So the easiest way to reduce chances of infection are y washing your hands.

Especially after using restrooms, changing your sanitary pads or tampons.

  1. Always carry an antibacterial hand sanitizer. Can be used in conjunction or in the absence of hand washing facilities.
  2. Avoid using public restrooms. If you don’t have a choice, always carry a seat sanitizing spray which can be sprayed on the toilet seat. Also, lay down toilet paper on the seat so that you don’t come in direct contact with the seat.
  3. Drink plenty of water and fluids. Dehydration leads to an increased incidence of urinary infections. Cranberry juice if available is a good option.
  4. Always wear loose fitting clothes and cotton underwear during travel. Sweat and moisture lead to a growth of unhealthy bacteria and fungi and may increase the incidence of infection. Liberal use of talcum powder is also recommended.
  5. Use an intimate wash regularly when travelling to maintain bacterial health in your nether regions.
  6. If you are planning on a long vacation, carry your personal supply of sanitary napkins to ensure you don’t struggle to find them. Change every 6 hours.
  7. Recently, Peeing funnels have been introduced in the Indian market which allows women to pee standing up. While I have not used these myself thus far, they seem to provide a reasonably good solution for women who need to relieve themselves during long road trips in the absence of decent restroom facilities.


Following these simple rules will enable you to enjoy your vacation without landing up with painful consequences. Have a fun summer. Cheers! For more information, contact Dr Suneet Tayal

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