Conceived after 7.5 yrs of our marriage i was very happy but more than happy me and my family were scared, nervous and at that time i consulted Dr Suneet who was referred to us by some family friend…. I still remember When i first visited her there was a rush of emotions, i was scared nervous n there was negativity in my mind in short my joy of getting pregnant after so long was somwhere lost in my fear… As i met her, talked to her, shared my case history n all wid her i got relaxed, Mam first congratulated us and made me comfortable and said there is no need to be scared about anything, everything gonna go well, she told me its a beautiful phase you should enjoy it and stay happy…. i cant explain in words about my first meeting wid her can just say that after consulting mam all my negativity, fear, nervousness everything just vanished and i was just excited about my twins to come to this world…. Dr Suneet is like a family to us always there guiding us and supporting us… there were days-nights when i used to feel low or experienced some new pregnancy symptoms and it used to scare me and without a second thought i just used to call mam and discuss with her and feel relaxed…. in my last trimester some complications arose because of which i was admitted to the hospital but there also i was given complete attention and support, mam used to visit me daily twice or wenever i felt like meeting her she was always there for me, never made me feel uncomfortable or low always supporting nd filling me wid positive thoughts….. i got discharged then i was on complete strict bed rest at home in contact wid mam through phone.. Mam always used to tell me whenever you need me jus let me knw i am jus a call away nd i felt super satisfied wid this thought that yes mam is dere and i dont have to worry about anything…. On 4th of oct around 6 in the morning my water broke and i got scared started crying, my father in law called up mam nd told her the situation nd mam said dont wait for anything just go to hospital and i’ll meet u dere.. within 20 min we reached hospital and everything was ready there, team of doctors nurses every kind of equipment which cud b required if any emergency occured and ofcourse Dr Suneet was there handling the whole situation and on seeing her i was relaxed and felt in safe hands and within few hours i was blessed with twin angels healthy and hearty, Mine was a very precious pregnancy and preterm c-section but i had Dr Suneet and my God wid me so all went smoothly…. Dr Suneet Tayal my lifeline my savior….. Me and My whole family are very thankful to you mam… thanks is a very small word, you gave us the bestest gift our angels??