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As if being pregnant is not a big enough adjustment, pregnant women often have to deal with annoying friends/relatives and know-it-alls who are just hell-bent on making them miserable by doing these things which make it to my list of the top things that annoy pregnant women.

  1. Offering unsolicited advice: As Indians, we all feel that it’s our birthright to offer free advice to everyone-whether they want it or not. This tendency expands multifold when we see a pregnant woman. But people-Back off!! I really don’t think that poor soul needs more advice from you when she’s probably being bombarded with comments on what to do and what not to do from her relatives.


  1. Telling her what she can and can not eat: Really, all this talk of foods that produce heat in the body and foods that are considered cold gives me a whiplash, so I can almost certainly understand why it may not go down well with a pregnant woman who is trying very hard to do right by herself and her child. My advice as a doctor? Eat what you like…Chill…..this is the one time in your life you don’t need to be counting calories…..enjoy!!


  1. Making her feel like an invalid: Pregnancy is the most natural physiological process in a woman’s life. And it is not designed to make her bedridden for the entire 9 months it takes to produce a child. So please stop telling a pregnant woman she needs to rest and not do her job! Let her make that call. It’s her body… it’s her call, remember?!


  1. Touching her belly: While you may think it’s a natural and oh-so-cute thing to do, this is one thing that annoys pregnant women more than anything else. Put yourself in her shoes- she’s suffering from morning sickness, her body is expanding in places she didn’t know existed, her feet are swollen and food makes her nauseous. And then everyone she meets decides to touch her belly and tell her she’s huge. Gah! Well Thank you- she didn’t realize she’s pregnant!


  1. Asking too many questions: This is another pet favorite of all friends and families. While it’s nice to care and seem invested in the new arrival, pestering an already flustered pregnant woman with questions like- What do you think- its a boy or a girl? or Have you decided on names yet? or Who do you think the baby will resemble? Is just taking things a notch too far. Dial down your enthusiasm, please. Let the poor soul just be.


  1. Comparing her pregnancy with yours: Ladies be advised- unless the pregnant woman categorically asks you, please do not launch into a story of how your pregnancy went. While we all appreciate the sacrifices a woman makes to bear children, no one wants to hear how miserable you were when you were pregnant. Or how happy you were to have an uneventful pregnancy especially when the lady is question isn’t having a particularly pleasant experience herself.


Hoping today’s blog is an eye opener for all you well-wishers out there. Love and care, but please make a conscious effort not to annoy an expectant mom today!

If you wish to add any other instances that annoyed you when you were pregnant, please leave a comment. I would love to hear about it.


Dr. Suneet Tayal

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