Many young girls often wonder what the right time to go and visit a gynaecologist is. The truth? There is no one specific right time. Gynaecology is a specialized branch of medicine and you need to see your gynaecolgist when you feel you want to discuss one of the following things:

  1. If you want to get pregnant- Getting pregnant is the natural progression of your relationship with your husband. However, in our country, we fail to understand the significance of pre-conception counseling and testing for both partners. I would recommend that you visit your gynaecolgist either before you get pregnant (preferably) or at least as soon as you realize the good news. Pregnancy advise can go a long way in ensuring healthy mother and baby.

If you are trying to conceive and have not been successful thus far, you must visit your gynaecologist along with your spouse and get investigated. More than 75% of causes of infertility are curable, so there is a pretty decent chance that with the right kind of guidance and treatment, you will conceive.

  1. If you have irregular periods- For young girls, irregular periods are always a concern and cause anxiety and stress. Polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD) is becoming very common in teenage girls due to changing lifestyles and obesity. If you are experiencing irregular menses, you must visit your gynaecologist to understand the cause and seek appropriate treatment before it is too late.

For older women too, irregular periods are a cause for worry. For postmenopausal women, irregular periods or spotting may indicate something more sinister and warrants immediate gynaecological attention.

  1. If you have painful intercourse- In India, sex is taboo and hence women suffer the consequences of this. However, if you experience pain in your vaginal area during intercourse, you must visit your gynaecologist. Whether it is a hormonal imbalance causing reduced secretions or some other cause, an investigation into the matter can be very helpful.
  1. If you are having vaginal discharge/itching- Poor vaginal hygiene, vaginal discharge, foul smell, vaginal itching- all these are indications that it is time to pay your gynaecolgist a visit.

While most of these conditions need simple antibiotic therapy and medication for symptomatic relief, sometimes it may lead to infertility, painful intercourse, and other more serious complications.

  1. If you are menopausal/peri-menopausal- Menopause is a difficult phase in a woman’s life, with its accompanying unpleasant symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings, weight gain, and restlessness. The anxiety of this period can be alleviated by talking to your gynaecolgist who will not only counsel you regarding the same but also suggest remedies to help you with these symptoms. If you need to be put on some medication, your gynaecolgist is the correct person to suggest that to you.
  1. If you experience postpartum blues- While most of us are overjoyed as we welcome our babies into this world, there is a small percentage of women that experience feelings of depression, restlessness, insomnia, anger, and negativity. This is nothing to be ashamed of. It is a normal physiological response and can be sorted out easily by talking to your gynaecolgist. Do not consider this a passing phase, or be embarrassed and try to brush it under the rug. Seek guidance from your doctor so that you can enjoy this precious time.

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